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Interesting files for downloading or mobile access. Right click to save the file to your hard drive.

Marx Passenger Car People

3/16 scale NYC passenger car window images.
marx_window_inserts.jpg (file size 1 mb)
marx_windows_4_lionel.jpg (file size 1 mb)

2013: AnyRail ver 5.11.3

AnyRail track plan program, trial version install file, limited to 50 track pieces.
AnyRail5.11.3.msi (file size 11 mb)

2010: MTH DCS Operators Manual, Edition 5

DCS_ Manual_Ed_5_ 2010.pdf (file size 7 mb)

1954: How to Operate Lionel Trains and Accessories Manual

A great resource covering locomotive maintenance, wiring, transformers, accessories and advanced track plans.
1954LionelTrainsAccess.pdf (file size 4 mb)

1950's: Popular Science - Common Repairs for Electric Trains

An interesting .pdf showing motor maintenance and how to troubleshoot common problems.
PopSci RefLibr No.15.pdf (file size 22 mb)

1964: Canadian National Diesel Unit Data Book including diagrams

cn_databook_1964_09.pdf (file size 16 mb)

Marx Real Railroad Whistle Signals!

Don't be a noob.. Toot your whistle the right way with this handy chart! Right click to save the image or print it at home.