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Layout Specifications

Our overall display area is 30' x 10'. The layout itself is 24' x 6.5', set up on six 8' x 2 ½' tables provided by the show venue. The layouts consist of three small O-27 tubular track plans surrounded by 2 large outer loops. A shallower configuration can be supplied for venues with an 8' depth limit.

2014 jan woodstock track plan

The tables are 30 inches high which gives children and parents a good view of the display.

John's Yard Loop and Triple Pizza layouts are both fully compatable with all Marx and pre-war wide flange locomotives including wind up trains. Darrell's Layout and the outer Loops are designed for all post war and newer O-27 locomotives and rolling stock. The largest loop with it's 72" curves accomodates long consists and trains requiring a wider radius.

2014 L shaped  track planMultiple Track Plan

The tubular track aspect of our display allows us to build many different track plans.

This flexibilty lets us change our display from show to show, keeping it fresh and interesting.
In additon, we can adapt the layouts to different sizes or configurations, an "L" shape for instance.

We are always happy to coordinate with event organizers to make the best use of available space.

Set Up time

Our minimum set up time is three hours.

For complete Event details please contact
Darrell Martin - Event Coordinator, Promotions and Multimedia

email: gt3trains@gmail.com