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Circuit Breaker, Volt Meter, Low/High Voltage Gizmo Box

Article Partially Complete, 2014 byJohn

Note - This article is not yet complete. More photos and details will be posted soon.

click to enlargeThis gizmo box was built using the body of a Heathkit AW-1 audio watt meter, to fill the need to have a circuit breaker, volt meter, and the ability to easily change from low (0-11) to higher (5-16) voltage.

Marx trains run much nicer on the low voltage posts of the Lionel 1033 transformer. This is because the low voltage posts output 0-11 volts, where as the higher voltage posts output 5-16 volts. Most Marx transformers start around 5 volts which instantly makes Marx motors run fast. I prefer the Lionel 1033 transformers. The low voltage posts have a starting voltage of zero which allows much smoother operation of Marx and other early motors. In the photo above, the voltage is at 3.5V

.Since we also run Lionel, K-Line and MTH, there is also a need for higher voltage (5-16). This higher setting is easily provided by means of the voltage dial on the box.

Input and output posts, a vintage 0-20V AC volt meter, 5 amp circuit breaker and red light (for a short circuit) were installed. The original rotary switch on the right side is used to toggle the low/high voltage and the original green light is used to signal that the circuit is ok.